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Plants vs Cunts vol. 5

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duration icon 15:31
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Barbie Rous is trying out a new experiment to enhance the growth of a favorite flower, and it's a raging success. In fact, her whole lab is overgrown with vines and branches, and in the middle of it a huge flower with white petals. Barbie gets closer to sniff it but gets sprayed by the flower instead, instantly passing out.


The vines wrap themselves around Barbie and position her ... Read More


5 Comments on Plants vs Cunts vol. 5

  1. jqzqeilkgclerhimpgrtcw
    December 15, 2023 at 12:34 am (7 months ago)

    I am enjoying this new site, and you’re even using women of darker skin tones; not that there was anything wrong with most of the women you were using before, but I like more variety. I’m enjoying most of the camera angles you are using, specifically the camera angles from behind and in between the legs. Barbie Rous is a beautiful woman. I’m wondering why you haven’t used Mia Nix more. I’ve only seen her in a couple of episodes on the other sites or Lia Lin.

    • hardyjohn822
      January 3, 2024 at 6:03 am (6 months ago)

      I fully agree. I would love to see Mia Nix coming back both here and on Hentaied. Cum Fill Repeat and her Bathroom scene are great as well. Lia Lin also is someone I would love to see here. The Electric Tentacles scene was great.

  2. hardyjohn822
    January 3, 2024 at 5:53 am (6 months ago)

    Plants vs Cunts launch has been amazing and I have to say I really loved everything I’ve seen so far.
    I’ve watched everything and I have to say that is really hard to pick a favorite movie on here, but this one with Barbies Rous is really special and it’s the one I’m currently watching on repeat.

    First, Barbies Rous is fantastic and she is my favorite performer. I hope we will see her often here and on Hentaied again.
    Other than being a breathtakingly beautiful woman, she is also very talented and was really a lot into the role. So much she even squirted.

    Before diving into it, there is one very hot things I noticed and truly loved a lot: the thicker branches.
    I’ve noticed that the branches used here are thicker and closer to Hentaied’s tentacles in size.
    Personally I like these thicker ones a lot more, as they fill the pussy in a much hotter way and they look a lot better when the girl sucks and blows them.
    I hope that these will be the standard for pussy and mouth penetrations in the upcoming movies.

    The Forced part in the beginning was just perfect and truly hot.
    I personally love a lot Forced Action in a horror bondage context and when a performer has the talent to play into it like Barbie did, these are the best and hottest scenes ever in my opinion. When it comes to this horror style.

    Barbie was truly conveying all the fear and terror of the creepy and horrific situation she found herself in.
    The horror vibes of this movie are sublime and Barbie’s interpretation really added a lot to Roberto’s amazing filming style and the atmosphere he masterfully created.

    The start with her naked and tied to a cold steel bed in a lab it’s great and it immediately sets the mood. The view of her heavenly body like this is really hot.
    Slowly waking up and trying to understand what’s going on, when she realizes she cannot move and she is naked, its already too late for her!
    A huge branch is steadily advancing in between her legs, toward her vulnerable juicy pussy, and keeps on marching until it penetrates and start to fuck her hard.

    I loved how Roberto filmed this first penetration: the filming angle in between Barbie’s legs was awesome and the steady progression of the branch, approaching to the penetration and then fucking, really felt as nothing could stop it. Fantastic Horror vibes here.
    Really hot also the way she gets fucked again after the first orgasm: right after bursting out a huge load of cum, which looked amazing, the branches started fucking her again just one of two seconds after. Giving her really no time to take a breath, while her pussy was still ejecting cum.
    This looked really dirty and I utterly loved it.
    Roberto’s style of filming vaginal penetrations and mouth insertions is just amazing and the best.

    Speaking of Roberto’s legendary mouth insertions: I truly loved a lot the branch brutally going straight into her mouth and deep into her throat, while she was getting fucked even harder.
    I’s fantastic how overwhelming this scene looks: Barbie isn’t given a moment to take a breath, while her mouth and pussy are filled and fucked mercilessly.
    The expression on her face is just sublime and once again she is really talented in conveying both the fear and the distress of the situation, while at the same time her body is slowly betraying her as she forced to multiple mind-breaking orgasms she never experienced before.
    She is terrified, she is powerless, she is freaking out, but at the same time she cannot stop cumming. A true classic you see in pro hard bondage with forced orgasm and in this horror context it looks just perfect and sublime.

    A special note on the direction: the slow side panoramic on Barbie during this moment was truly hot and beautifully filmed. A masterful touch that made the whole situation even hotter to watch in all it’s glory.
    I also liked a lot to see the details of Barbie’s hands trapped in the vines while she was getting her pussy and mouth fucked at the same time.
    It added a lot to the powerless feel I was talking about and these details makes the difference between a good movie and a masterpiece.

    The squirting was truly the cherry on top of the tastiest and sweetest cake ever cooked.
    I loved the way this was filmed and how the branch fucking her played into it. Pulling out and playing with her clit to make her squirt more and then right back to hard fucking without any moment to rest for Barbie.
    It looked dirty, wild and intense and I utterly loved it.

    Absolutely fantastic also all the scenes where we see the branches cum and fill Barbie’s pussy and mouth with loads and loads of cum.
    When Barbie pushes and bursts out super far all those loads of cum out of her pussy are awesome. She really got some powerful muscles and got some pretty impressive distances!
    I have to say that I found myself loving watching Barbie doing this.
    Same goes for her mouth being filled with cum. With incredible overwhelming and terrified expressions on her pretty face as a huge load of cum is being unloaded into her throat and then bursting out.
    Absolutely loved how she was able to show with her facial expressions how all of this was too much to handle for her.

    The Vore part is also spectacular. One of the best I’ve ever seen.
    I loved how sudden it started and then how slow and inevitable the whole scene felt.
    Once again, right after she was forced to another powerful orgasm, Barbie isn’t given a moment to rest or take a breath. The plants wants a lot more of her and how can we blame it?
    One more time Barbie’s terrified interpretation here is perfect. The way she gets dragged on the table, still covered in cum and sliding on her own squirt and cum on the table, added even more to the dirty and messy feel I loved in this scene.

    Once she finds herself inside the plant, the way she looks is awesome and truly hot.
    Fully wet and covered in the plant’s drool. Barbie looked really hot as hell like this and again I loved how this scene kept on getting dirtier and messier the more it went on.

    The part inside the plant is also fantastic and there are some moments that had my eyes stuck on the screen, incapable of even blinking.
    I absolutely loved a lot also that this part, after the vore, started with more Forced Action. With Barbie was still terrified and freaking out even more now that she is trapped in a wet and claustrophobic space to get fucked forever with no chance to escape. Sorry, but my fantasy went there.

    And of course all the dirty action that made fantastic and awesome the first part on the table is here too, with the added bonus of some truly hot mind-blowing positions.

    One of my favorites is when Barbie turns around, with her perfect ass up and wet, to suck and blow a branch using just her head and while another branch is fucking hard and deep her pussy from behind.
    The view of Barbie’s ass while she gets fucked so hard here is just incredible and hot as hell. I had to remind myself to take a breath more than once here.

    Also the way she sucks on that branch using just her head with her eyes wide open, like she is now in the middle of an unstoppable sexual frenzy, it’s absolutely incredible and mind blowing to watch.
    That look on her face and the wide opened eyes are fantastic.

    Barbie really went wild here and I loved how she played into this uncontrolled sexual frenzy moment.
    Once again I have to congratulate with her for how fantastically she played her role into this whole movie.

    The way she transitions into it from fear is really something else.
    It’s like her growing sexual pleasure devoured her from the inside, in the same way the plant devoured her from the outside.
    Her mind collapses and starts to betray her in the same her body has been doing. She reaches a very fragile balance between pure terror and that orgasmic frenzy. This balance is soon broken in the exact moment she has another devastating orgasm and another huge load of cum get pumped into her.

    The way Barbie interpreted and gave life to all this is simply sublime to me.
    You can see it all in her eyes rolling back and those incredible expressions of uncontrolled sexual pleasure on her face. Getting more and more grotesque at each stroke inside her pussy.

    And when she collapses it’s glorious was well! She frantically starts to touch herself in the middle of that wet mess of plant’s fluids and cum. Rolling into it, turning around and then sucking the branch in the fantastic position I described before.

    Another awesome thing I loved are the camera angles in between her legs when she is inside the plant.
    My favorite is part where she is sitting, after she had her leg up. Which was also a really hot position.
    The detailed view of her pussy getting fucked from in between her legs was once again an amazing masterful touch I personally loved.

    The cumflation was truly amazing, as they have always been on Hentaied as well, and I think this was the best way to end this awesome movie. The perfect wet and messy culminatio.
    Loved a lot also the ending with Barbie losing senses and covered in cum. Personally I love to see this in the end: the girl totally covered in a mess of cum and fluids.

    There is only one thing I missed or would’ve loved to see differently: more forced mouth insertions when she was inside the plant.
    Given my love for Roberto’s legendary mouth insertions, I would have truly loved a lot to see a branch brutally jump inside Barbie’s mouth when she was with her ass up and during the cumflation.

    Specially during the ass up part. It would have been a fantastic way to start all that amazing blowing moment she did.
    With the branch suddenly going deep and pushing itself in her throat even deeper. Kinda like she provoked the plant and now she has to handle it going harder on her given her sexual frenzy.

    To wrap it up, even though all these first videos I saw here on Plants vs Cunts are some your best productions, this one with Barbie Rous is the one that stays on top of the podium for me.
    Barbie’s outstanding performance and Roberto’s aggressive dirty style, not giving Barbie a moment to rest, made this one a true gem.

    Congratulations to both of you and all the team who made all of this possible.
    I’m personally looking forward to see Barbie take a trip into the woods soon hopefully.

  3. hardyjohn822
    January 3, 2024 at 6:00 am (6 months ago)

    There is another thing I would like to add to everything I wrote here, to clarify even more how amazing and awesome what you created here I think is.
    Roberto Di Suna and Romero are my all time favorite directors on Hentaied and their videos on there are some of my favorites. I absolutely love their style: how the sexual action is told and evolves, how it starts dirty and gets even dirtier, wilder and weirder. The atmosphere in their videos, the amazing care in details and how everything it’s filmed.

    I have to say I absolutely love Roberto’s mouth insertions and deepthorat scenes: the way he films when branches or tentacles brutally go into the girls mouths and throats it’s one of the best and hottest things I’ve ever seen.
    I love how brutal, fast and sudden it happens: as soon as she unconsciously opens her mouth, still in fear and incapable of realizing all that’s happening to her, they take full advantage of that opening and bang!
    She now finds herself sucking branches or tentacles, going deep into her throat and filling her stomach with cum. It’s just awesome.

    Roberto’s oral scenes are the best. Prison with Emiri Momota, Tentacles Cleaning and An Alien Inside also with Emiri Momota and Cum, Fill, Repeat with Mia Nix are just an example of videos with some of those amazing scenes that for me are an instant buy.
    The same goes for how he films vaginal penetrations and the creepy vibes in his movies. These are my personal favorites.

    Coming to Plants vs Cunts now, considering everything I wrote above and my personal love for bondage, I was eagerly waiting to discover how Roberto and Romero could surprise us all after watching the first movie with Jia and oh boy they did it again.

  4. ttsbyllrounxekxikpbhuchpzf
    February 2, 2024 at 5:13 am (5 months ago)

    Like seeing Barbie in this video, she does a great job in most of her videos. I also love that plant vore was in here. It’s been something I’ve been waiting to see and just like the other monster vore videos it’s extremely well done.