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Plants vs Cunts Vol. 13

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duration icon 12:46
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Alice Peachy has wandered too deep in the forest, and now the forest will wonder deep inside her. It becomes alive, her footsteps send signals through the tree and towards its branches and vines, sending them on the hunt. She is unaware, but Alice will soon get her legs and neck wrapped by tentacle vines, holding her still while her clothes are taken off.


Those very same vines hold ... Read More


2 Comments on Plants vs Cunts Vol. 13

  1. jqzqeilkgclerhimpgrtcw
    June 30, 2024 at 9:53 am (2 weeks ago)

    Alice Peachy has a nice body.

  2. bmykvmdnzrrjuwjncedkapdo
    June 30, 2024 at 8:48 pm (2 weeks ago)

    Another similar video. 🙁 Sex activities are for BDSM newbies. What I’d like to see in the future videos:

    1) deepthroating, instead of 2-3 inches in the mouth like in this video.
    2) gagging
    3) thick (2-3 inches diameter) branches, instead of those 0.75-1.
    4) gaping
    5) real deep penetrations instead of this imitation, when we see clearly that only 5″ is going in her ass, but somehow coming out of her mouth.
    6) double mouth, ass, pussy penetrations.

    Please, show us real stuff, not newbies’ one! Thanks!