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Plants vs Cunts vol. 6

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duration icon 15:32
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What's better than a lovely walk to the nearby forest in autumn? As Kelly Collins is walking in the woods, she enjoys the calmness of nature. But this wasn't going to last long. The branches of the forest are slowly creeping towards Kelly and when she notices them it's already too late!


The vines are creeping up on her petite body and opening up her legs. She can't move ... Read More


10 Comments on Plants vs Cunts vol. 6

  1. jqzqeilkgclerhimpgrtcw
    December 31, 2023 at 10:01 am (6 months ago)

    I loved the camera angles and positions she was put into.

  2. lewdbandit
    December 31, 2023 at 9:50 pm (6 months ago)

    Glad to see another in the series! I loved how she was lifted off the ground at the start. Was very hot how her clothes fell off one by one. I felt like it happened a bit fast, it would be epic if a few extra seconds were used to show her pants getting unbuttoned and tugged down like in Vol 2 with Ellie Luna. Watching the ladies writhe while the plants slowly work their clothes off is one of my favorite things to see. The poses and fluids all over her body looked great. I like how she got into it over time. I appreciate the time taken to show the vines gripping and tracing their way along her body. Looking forward to the next one!

    • Schweiger9138
      January 26, 2024 at 8:07 pm (6 months ago)

      I agree with this. Love seeing the girls get stripped slowly one by one.

  3. bmykvmdnzrrjuwjncedkapdo
    December 31, 2023 at 11:51 pm (6 months ago)

    All 6 videos have basically the same plot and the same sex activities. How about anal, DPs, TP’s, deepthroat, gagging…? More the merrier.

    Also, the undressing process was skipped here. Why?!

    • zythejr
      January 2, 2024 at 8:29 am (6 months ago)

      I agree some variety in sex activities would be great!

  4. zythejr
    January 2, 2024 at 8:33 am (6 months ago)

    I still think the twigs look painful and not phallic enough.. I like this new content and the quality of it! Another nit-pick here, but I felt like there was too much dirt? I know we come here for messy sex acts, but I don’t think dirt is part of that fantasy. Kind of like having sex on the beach, its fun and all until the sand gets involved.. maybe I’m in the minority here. Looking forward to more!

  5. hardyjohn822
    January 5, 2024 at 6:20 am (6 months ago)

    This video is simply fantastic and truly hot as hell.

    It has everything I personally love from Roberto Di Suna amazing aggressive style: the action is merciless and Kelly gets fucked really hard.
    There are a lot of those awesome and brutal mouth insertions and the hard oral sex I utterly love in Roberto’s movies. Also being someone who has a love for hardcore bondage, let me tell you that here the bondage and the positions are truly fantastic and top level.

    On top of all this: Kelly Collins is breathtaking.
    Both because her performance is perfect, she is very expressive and natural for the whole video, and also because she is really beautiful. I was eagerly waiting to see her come to Plants vs Cunts and this movie for me delivered even more than I could wish for.
    And of course there is Roberto’s filming style: always and totally phenomenal. Creepy atmosphere and with truly well tailored Horror Vibes.

    The capture and the undressing scene in the beginning are hot.
    I absolutely loved how the vines captured Kelly and how she was suspended by the neck. I will say again that I think Roberto’s filming solution for the suspensions is absolutely brilliant and works flawlessly.
    I have to confess I would have loved to see Kelly get fucked while suspended too, but this is a topic for later.

    The suspension really sets the right mood for the undressing: Kelly has no way of escaping. The more she struggles, the more the vines will tight on her soft neck.
    The vines starts to take her clothes off piece by piece. Kelly realizes how powerless she is and the plants can do to her whatever they want. She does an amazing work into conveying the distress and fear of the whole situation.

    I really liked how this scene was filmed: it had the right pacing to set that submission and subjugation mood I described before, but it wasn’t excessively slow or excessively quick.
    Personally I love to see the girls get completely naked as soon as possible and I think this worked great. At least for my personal taste.
    And the puppeteering of the vines is always top notch. Very well done and believable.

    The first position in which Kelly is dragged into by the vines is pretty hot and a great start.
    She is immediately put into a position of extreme vulnerability and it leaves nothing to the imagination. Once again Kelly plays into this whole feeling in a fantastic way. Her gorgeous eyes alone let you really see the moment she realizes what’s gonna happen and how fucked she is. Soon literally too.

    Again, I personally would have loved it more if she was fully naked already, but the part when the vines creep under her shirt and then rip it away is really cool and well realized.
    Once again adding to that subjugation mood and to let her realize even better how powerless she is. The plants have only just begun with her.
    Kelly’s expressions of fear and terror in this moment are superb. I cannot congratulate enough with her for her amazing performance in this movie.

    Now we get to the parts I utterly super loved. The next two positions held my eyes glued to the screen and I had to remind myself to breathe multiple times.

    After her shirt has been ripped off, nothing stands in between Kelly’s hot body and the plants perverted insatiable hunger for her sex and orgasms.

    Kelly gets aggressively turned around in prone position, a vine starts to climb across her ass cheeks (loved this) and onto her back. Then it wraps around her neck.
    The vines begin to quickly tight around her neck and pull her head from behind, hard and firmly.

    Kelly is forced to open her mouth to urgently grasp a breath of air. And then as soon as her mouth opens by involuntary reflex.. bang!
    The plants immediately takes the chance and brutally forces a branch inside her mouth and deep into her throat to fuck mercilessly.

    This whole sequence, from the moment Kelly is turned around prone to the mouth fucking, is an awesome masterpiece.
    I love how wild and dirty it looks, how Kelly is put into this situation, how her mouth is forced open and how the branch moves aggressively towards her and the way it forces itself into her throat to fuck aggressively.
    Roberto’s mouth fucking scenes are masterpieces by themselves.

    Kelly here is incredibly good and out of this world fantastic.
    She plays extremely well into the whole situation. Her eyes opening and crossing, all the amazing throat sounds she makes, how terrified and freaked out she looks. Everything she does here is pure platinum. Top level performance.

    I also love that she gets just mouth fucked for a while. Like the plants wants to warm up before going the hardest in between her legs, and it doesn’t take long before that happens.

    This is another masterfully crafted sequence and moment.
    The camera moves in between Kelly’s legs and then the vines forces them wide open. All while Kelly’s mouth and throat are still getting brutally fucked.
    Resistance is futile. Kelly’s cum covered pussy is left super exposed and vulnerable. Soon enough another branch is rapidly and steadily advancing to brutally fuck her in between her legs as well.

    Another sequence I utterly loved.
    The aggressive way the branch penetrates and starts to fuck Kelly extremely hard is fantastic. The whole puppeteering of the vines forcing her legs open is once again state of the art. This is a sequence that really has those grotesque horror vibes you would see in Evil Dead.
    And the view of her amazing ass, hot legs held wide open, and her pussy getting fucked, then filled with loads of cum, is just sublime. Those close ups of Kelly’s ass are truly fantastic.

    Needless to say that Kelly’s performance keeps on going at even higher levels here.
    All the expressions on her face: what she does with her eyes, all the dirty sounds with her throat, the way she is forced to suck the branch and, on top of everything, her face when the branches starts to unload rivers and rivers of cum into her throat and pussy at the same time. She is extremely believable and plays wonderfully into showing all the terror, distress and freaking out of those loads of cum being forced down her throat and inside her pussy.

    After such and intense and hot sequence, comes what is THE BEST MOMENT OF THIS WHOLE MOVIE.
    I utterly super loved what came next and it’s the scene that made me want to give 50 stars to this movie.

    While Kelly is still heavily disoriented and devastated in a mess of dripping cum. Still spitting and pushing it out, with vines still holding her firmly on her neck and limbs and still quivering from the last orgasm.
    Within a split second, the vines brutally drag her super fast from behind, aggressively turn her around like a rag doll and put her in one of the most fantastic and hottest positions ever.

    Laying on her side against a tree, one leg pulled and wide open to keep her pussy super vulnerable and accessible. Both her hands tied and stretched behind her back around the tree.
    As someone who utterly loves hardcore bondage, this position was extremely exciting to see and Roberto realized it masterfully well. It’s a true work of art. Both the position itself and how Kelly was forced into it.

    The whole sequence is just perfect: sudden, quick, brutal and very aggressive.
    Everything is fluent, there is no hesitation and the plants really act like an unstoppable entity which just want to satisfy it’s primal urges and hunger. Absolutely loved it.
    I loved to imagine Kelly was still in the middle of the previous orgasm. Still cumming hard and her mind still disoriented from the intense pleasure. But the plants said: nope, no time to rest girl. We want more!

    This kind of dynamic is seen in bondage very often: where the sub totally yields control to the dom (consensually of course), including when and how much to cum. The dom decides if the sub can cum, the dom decides if the sub must cum more even they just had an orgasm.
    Seeing this dynamic recreated so fantastically and masterfully well in this horror fantasy context is awesome.
    I really really love how bondage is incorporated in Plants vs Cunts and I hope things like this will keep on being done here.

    And exactly like in that dom and sub relationship, not caring at all if Kelly’s pussy is still too sensitive from before, in another split second a branch aggressively penetrates her and start to fuck her extremely hard.
    The view in between her legs is hot as hell, as also the awesome full view of her stretched tied body looks amazing.

    The fucking is going even harder this time, Kelly is aggressively being pushed against her breaking point.
    Torn apart between the terror, freaking out wonderfully, and all that extreme and unbearable sexual pleasure she cannot stop. Her body’s inevitable betrayal is dragging her into a mindless state at each stroke inside her pussy.

    The pleasure is so fucking intese she can barely catch a breath and her mouth opens more and more. You know what this means?
    Bang again!
    A second branch quickly and brutally forces itself into her throat to fuck the hell out of her mouth too.

    This one was truly hot because it really arrives by surprise. It goes quick and hard into Kelly’s throat. All the expressions she makes, eyes crossed and rolling back, and all those amazing deep throat and gagging dirty sounds. Purely sublime again, Kelly is really talented.

    And when she has been heavily fucked long enough both front and behind, the culmination it’s as glorious and dirty as the whole scene.
    In a huge messy explosion, her pussy and throat gets filled by loads and loads of cum. Shaking uncontrollably, her eyes rolling back and on the verge of going crazy, Kelly’s mind finally collapses.
    Kelly’s facial expressions when cum gets pumped into her throat in this final moment are crazy hot.

    This whole part: the position, the brutal pussy fucking, the brutal mouth insertion and throat fucking, Kelly’s reactions, how it is filmed and all the filming angles in which we can see everything in every single detail.
    Everything that happened here is by itself worthy to give this movie a vote so hight that breaks the roof.

    Congratulations Roberto, congratulations Kelly, congratulations to the whole team.

    The final position is also very hot to watch. Another bondage classic I like, even if the one with the leg up is my personal absolute best and most loved.

    After cumming so much and being fucked the hardest she could ever conceive, she is now a mindless doll at the mercy of the plants. Kelly can only think about one thing: more orgasms and even more harder orgasms.
    Once again in a fantastic fluent sequence, the vines drag Kelly from the legs and put her into a pile driver position. She cannot resit anymore now, she is open and available.
    Quickly branches aggressively come to penetrate her wide open and swollen pussy, and soon after also her mouth again.

    Kelly is in the middle of a total uncontrolled sexual frenzy. She takes everything the plants are giving her and the plants feeds on her in this dirty cycle of growing pleasure.

    The final massive cumfall on her face and body is hot. It works fine as the dirty and messy conclusion to such a fantastic masterpiece.
    But personally I think that the best ever ending we saw here so far is the massive rainstorm at the end of Emiri’s movie. That one is truly brilliant and perfect. It really felt like Emiri had an orgy with the whole forrest.

    I understand that doing it again would’ve not been a good solution. So I’m fine with the ending we have here, but you know what I would have loved a lot as an ending here?
    A super dirty and messy cumflation while suspended.

    Something like Kelly getting dragged up by the vines, being held against the tree by her arms because she is incapable of standing on her own legs for how hard she came so far.
    Then the more she gets fucked like this in the pussy and in the throat, the more the vines pull and lift her up.
    When she is fully suspended the cumflations begins. Once she is filled up a step before exploding, the branches pull out and let waterfalls of cum pour from between her legs and from her mouth. Unloading into a dirty white puddle on the ground.

    Finally the vines ease their grip and let her fall completely exhausted in the massive puddle of cum under her. Still shivering in a mess of fluids.
    This would’ve been a fantastic conclusion to such an awesome movie in my very personal opinion.

    To wrap it up: I truly loved the movie. The bondage here is at extremely high levels of quality and masterfully realized.
    The Forced sex action is fantastic. Kelly really played all that terror, fear and freaking out extraordinarily well and in a superb way, while slowly succumbing to her own body’s orgasmic betrayal.
    Personally the Forced sex action part is my favorite and I’m happy the Forced action was kept going for all the positions except the last one.

    Kelly is a fantastic protagonist. Very talented, totally playing into the role in an extraordinary natural way and breathtakingly beautiful.
    Roberto’s direction and care for details is state of the art as always. I absolutely love what he is doing with Plants vs Cunts and I’m really hungry for more.

    Congratulations to everyone and thank you for your amazing work.

  6. hardyjohn822
    January 5, 2024 at 6:23 am (6 months ago)

    Just two last thing I forgot to mention:

    I have to say that I would’ve loved a lot more to see the thicker and bigger branches we can see in Barbie Rous movie.
    Those thicker ones are the best looking and the way the fill the pussy and mouth is really hot. Wish we could see Kelly’s pussy get stretched more like with tentacles.

    I suppose those branches were not ready when this was filmed, but I hope we will see those thicker ones only in the upcoming movies.

    Another thing I would love to highly praise are the sound effects.
    They are perfectly in tune with the creepy mood and horror atmosphere. They sound dirty, terrifying, but also natural and weird at the same time.
    I think in this particular movie the use of sound effects truly excels. Especially when Kelly’s pussy and mouth are being filled with loads of cum.

    Awesome work.

  7. zz4775
    January 12, 2024 at 1:51 am (6 months ago)

    The videos keep improving. The clothes actually
    being shown ripping off, toes wiggling and the girls
    eventually showing they are giving in is what takes the videos
    from good to great. Would love to see a scene with a office plant demolish a girl like Kelly, have it pull her back from desk-something
    like that-pantyhose ripping-all that stuff. Keep up the great videos.

  8. trunks1185
    February 9, 2024 at 11:42 pm (5 months ago)

    These are great, but can you please spend more time stripping? Showing everything? They get naked too fast.